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 About Feilong

 Feilong home appliance - since 1995 has been manufacturing both luxury and low price high value appliances to the global market. Our main products are: Washing machines both twin tubs and top loaders. Refrigerators including retro, compact, undercounter, tabletop, double door, triple door and side by side. Chest Freezers including home use, commercial use, single door, double door, triple door, butterfly door, Ultra low temperature, glass door and supermarket Islands. LED Televisions both DLED and ELED with 4k and 8k abilities and commercial showcase and reach-in products.
Feilong owns 4 factories in total, our main factories are located in Cixi with facotries in Henan and Suqian to allow a huge availability of ports to find the best way to ship goods to you - FOB Ningbo, FOB Lianyanggang, FOB Shanghai and FOB Qingdao are our most popular ports. With a total land of 900,000 square meters, we are currently in the process of building our 5th factory which should be completed in 2024.
We are proud to be ever-expanding around the globe to ensure that our vision and mission are complete and we become the worlds leading supplier of compact major appliances. We already work with over 130 countries and over 2000 brands world-wide put there trust in our expertise.

Our mission, which we have most certainly accepted - is to create a comfortable, stress-free life for both our clients and there clients! Products that are easy to use, hygenic and of good quality as well as a customer service that takes the headache out of sourcing.

Our vision and our frontier are - to always be the desired place to keep your products safe and fresh and for you to enjoy them the most with family, friends, and co-workers. We want to be the number 1 exporter of appliances to the world by 2030 and we need your help to fulfil our vision making you the most integral part of our team.

Our refrigerators are proudly sold in the world's largest retailers, including Walmart and some of the worlds largest brands such as Hisense and Meiling…

Our factories are world-class and our quality control systems follow that of the world's biggest automotive manufacturers to ensure fantastic quality management and production system. We are focused on beating, improving, and soon to be leading the current innovation in the refrigeration industry with several production and design patents.

Our entire production and design team is an expert in the field. Even more importantly, we listen to our clients to ensure they are not only satisfied with our products, so that they can make their lives even easier.

Talent - scouting and opportunities

Feilong sees the value and potential of having a top class HR department and emulates our European cousins in many of its structures. The staff of Feilong are all ideologists and practitioners that work together in a soul impowering environment in order to hone skills, boost ability, enlighten potential and motivate the spirit. We have such a collective togetherness it acts like an infection which gets passed on throughout our supply chain and rubs off onto our clients and this has also helped achieve clients’ trust and support with a superb professional spirit and excellent specialty skills!
Strategic Partners----If your a competitive team player who wants to be the most successful person you can be then Feilong is for you.
If you would like to join our fabulous team please send a copy of your CV and your covering letter
  • The Trinity
    Talent, market and management are “The Trinity” that will allow the Feilong Group to prevail in its highest achievable goal. Staff’ professionalism and there collective devoted spirit promote our enterprise’s strategy to be as efficient as possible and to implement change quickly, with a smooth transition and to continue on our road to success. We implement strategic customization to improve the quality of workforce by talent scouting top universities around the area and via a unique recruitment and selection system. In order to improve each and every member of the workforce we insure that every position has the chance and the responsibility to have a major influence on our enterprise strategy by suggesting and implementing ideas no matter if its a member of management to the average factory worker. We offer a fantastic reward system that shows of the specific talents of individuals which are discovered during our monthly reviews and if such new ideas and skills are plausible we reward such growing talents in a number of ways from increased wages, training, certification, exposure and bonuses depending on how profitable the idea.
  • Enrich Your Carrer
    If you want to program and enrich your professional career, seek a sure-fire way to exert your ability, be regarded as an asset and not a number, have your free-thinking encouraged and rewarded rather than belittled and you hope to have a successful and prosperous career then Feilong is the sensible and logical choice for you.

    If given this chance, don't waste it, it is a very exciting chance to develop your career here. Now we are searching for persons who are brave in pioneering and hope to show off there talents, who are full of notion, who have the courage to challenge, at last people who can find that special field of clients and harvest them all year round so as to ensure there pockets are fat and promotion will be inevitable.
  • Professional Rewards  

    As a quickly developing private enterprise, Feilong is studied and experienced the best management skills and concepts and theories, and really supply valid and ideal solutions to clients!
    Our target is to provide not only a very competitive pay to workers but also career developing opportunities so that workers never stagnate in melancholy. Here, you will obtain many different chances for self-advancement and a predominant learning environment and then your way to progressing through the ranks of promotion will ascend on you before you know it.
    In the work, you will participate in establishing or carrying out enterprise strategies in different aspects and given chance to exert yourself as the talent that you are. Then you’ll find that your duties will be extended until you are in charge of an entire project that requires leadership skills, negotiation skills and a chance to dominate the market all on your own. During your road to development there will be a rise to senior management. You don't even have to worry about the people who have worked longer than you as our company is based on performance and not time although there is a link to how long you have been in the business and your performance but this link is often broken by hot new comers. Lets see if your one of them!

  • Value Embodiment
    Our target with our staff is the same for our clients, to enrich there lives, better there environments and improve their standard of living. That's why we offer way over the industry average in wages and make sure our staff are looked after, offered additional training and give them opportunities that they could never of dreamed of.
    We know that staff are the muscle of our company and as we grow in stature so should they and that's exactly how we treat a member of staff - as equals but with equality comes responsibility.
    Here, you could enjoy a series of welfare benefits such as social insurance, room and board, transportation, medical care, food benefits and sustaining a fa

 A Word From CEO

It is my privilege to spearhead the vision and actions of the Feilong Group, which I first started back in 1995. In recent years we have undergone dynamic growth, both in human resources and geographical reach. This growth can be attributed mainly to the consistent application of our fundamental principles of business - namely adherence to our sustainable and profitable business model and the alignment of our Group's long-term goals with our core values.
Customer focus
Being successful in business demands total focus. We know our customers meet change on a daily basis and must deliver on their goals, often under extreme time pressure, without being distracted by day-to-day decision making problems.

All of us working for the Feilong Group strive to contribute to delivering the best services in the industry and we do this by simply listening to our customers requirements and needs or giving them informed advice on the perfect product for them and thereby giving an unbeatable quality of service. We work in close connection to all our customers so that we are able to continuously demonstrate Feilong Group is a trustworthy partner.

  We recognize that the most important member of our company is our clients. They are the very backbone that allows our body to stand, we have to deal with each client professionally and seriously no matter what they appear like personally or even if they just send us a letter or give us a call;
Clients don't survive on us, but we depend on them;
Clients are not irritations bursting into the work place, they are the very objectives which we are striving for;
Clients give us a chance to improve there own business and better there company, we are not there to pity our clients or have our clients feel they are giving us favours, we are here to serve not be served.
Clients are not our adversaries and do not wish to be engaged in a battle of wits, we will lose them when if we have a hostile relationship;
Clients are those who bring there demands to us, it is our responsibility to satisfy their requirements and let them benefit from our service.
Our vision
Our vision is to be the greatest provider of home appliances in the world, to provide all communities across the globe with access to a wonderful and healthy life where hard and time consuming labour can be made into simple, time saving, energy saving and cost effective luxuries which all should be able afford.
To achieve our vision is simple. Continue in our excellent business strategies so that they can come to perfect fruition. To continue in our extensive research and development plan so that we can head up quality changes and improvements along with investing in new exciting products.
Growth and development
Feilong has grown increasingly rapidly and every year that passes seems to introduce giant leaps to greatness. With acquisitions of several new companys and plans to acquire several more, we are intent on focusing them onto our goals and values and to ensure there quality stays the same. At the same time, we will continue to pursue our research and development of old products to ensure they are the greatest quality possible and to begin the proceed of new product generations which will expand our total service offering to customers.
We as a company aim to provide a service that is of exceptional quality and remains value for money so that we can improve family well being across the globe.
I would like to personally welcome you all to Feilong and I hope that our future together can bring us both a wealth of success.
We wish you success, wealth and good health
Mr Wang
President and CEO

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