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Most Efficient Commercial Upright Deep Freezer on Wheels


Chest Freezers

Feilong Chest Freezers have a huge range of capacities perfect for quite literally any usage. Whether you’re having a big family gathering or simply want to store for the future you can be store you favourite frozen foods. Chest freezers have the advantage over upright freezers and refrigerators as you can simply store much more although an upright freezer is perfect if you wish to have a much more organized area. All our freezers are fully customizable from digital control panels to glass top full colour freezers for that extra luxury.

Glass Door/Commercial Chest Freezers

Feilong Glass Door Chest Freezers come in various sizes and styles. Our 2 most prominent are our flat glass freezers and our curved sliding glass freezers. Our glass chest freezers reach temperatures up to -18 °C and are excellent for frozen food display like ice cream, frozen meat or pizza, etc. With 4 strong wheels and 1 lock, our sliding glass door chest freezer is easy for moving and safe for your products. You can choose to add a LED strip inside the cabinet for more attention. What’s more, we provide attractive branding to stand out your brand for more impulse sales in high traffic areas. Fully wrapped in fancy advertising stickers, perfect for your brands and promotions.

Product Features

Clever usage of space - Using extremely concentrated foaming techniques we are able to increase the area inside your machine.

Fully Customizable - You can choose any colour or full body sticker you want to match your brand.

Lower Noise - Have optimized cooling systems and extremely low noise compressors thanks to extra copper wiring inside them.

Fresher for longer food storage – Anti-bacterial nanotechnology which helps kill bacteria and helps reduce the chance of food burn

Energy Efficient - Our product designs are determined to improve on the amount of energy they use, keeping costs down.

Fridge/Freezer - Our freezers have the ability to not only work as a full blown freezer but can also be altered to reach refrigerator temperatures for those that prefer better energy efficiency to a normal refrigerator.

Easy Clean - Our special coating allows for easy cleaning and fast cooling abilities.

Stylish design with multiple colours - Create your own customization to match the design your brand deserves.

Product Specifications:

Product Specifications

Model Number


Capacity (L/Cu.Ft)


Climate Type





1 x 40HQ

Loading Capacity







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