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To Protect Your Wine, You Can Choose Our Wine Fridge

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Compared to other alcohols, wine is one of the few drinks that can improve its flavor and texture over time. But just as the seasons change and life go back and forth, the "vitality" of wine also needs to be carefully cared for. Knowing this wine storage technique and using wine fridges can not only allow you to taste the absolute deliciousness, but also prolong the "vitality" of the wine.

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  • Preserve your wine collection

  • Why Feilong?

Preserve your wine collection

Since the chemical substances in wine will have a certain effect with the change of temperature and humidity, it is necessary to find the appropriate temperature and humidity during the wine storage process. Sunlight or incandescent light exposure will cause adverse chemical reactions of phenolic compounds in wine, which will not only destroy the taste and aroma of wine but also directly affect the quality of the wine. Therefore, in the process of wine storage, it must be kept away from light. Thus, for unopened wine, although a wine bottle will play a certain role in shading, it should also be protected from light; the same is true for wine that has been opened.

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Keeping wine fresh requires the right temperature and light. Whenever a wine is exposed to too much light or heat, this not only negatively affects the flavor of the wine but also ages the wine prematurely. While most wines are purchased to be consumed the same day or the next day, some wines are intended to be kept for a long time. 

As wine ages, its flavor improves and becomes more intense, which is the goal of every wine collector to preserve and store wine. However, wine can spoil quickly if not kept in the proper and proper conditions. Wine bottles should be in place to maintain the freshness of the wine and the quality of the cork that seals the bottle. Because of this, regular refrigerators and coolers are not practical. Fortunately, there are quality wine fridgesdesigned by Feilong to keep your wines fresh and delicious, adding a touch of glamour and style in the process. With our stainless steel wine fridges of all shapes and sizes, you're sure to find what's right for you.

Why Feilong?

Feilong's employees are thinkers and practitioners who work together in a soul-filled environment to hone their skills, enhance their abilities, inspire their potential, and inspire their spirits. We have such a collective cohesion passing through our supply chain and transmitted to our customers, which has also won the trust and support of customers with superb professionalism and excellent professional skills!

All those who work for the Feilong Group strive to contribute to providing the best service in the industry, and we do this by simply listening to our customer's requests and needs, or by giving them sensible advice on the perfect product like our wine fridges. We work closely with all our clients so that we can continually prove that we can be trusted.

Our company has developed a wide range of wine fridges which are tested extensively before leaving the factory to ensure quality. These wine fridges are durable. You can consider our cost-effective products. Our company website is, please feel free to inquire about us!




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